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The Rosary Sisters’ School
Jbeil- Blat
The suburbs of Jbeil have witnessed the establishing of the Rosary Sisters’ School which has launched under the goals of the congregation’s founders. On top of these goals in the human raise together with his progress, and encouragement for his continuous search.
Enlightened by the Catholic Church preachings, the school placed itself in the service of all, and went forward in accomplishing its mission, working on raising the individual spiritually, socially, civically, and culturally, enforcing not only his self- confidence, his feeling of responsibility, his individual initiation and pride, but also talking into consideration his being open to all other people in a way that it does not cancel any of their class differences, yet leads to the respect of their privacy, their concern of the group and individual works beside their acceptance, respect, and forgiveness.
The school works hard on growing in the individual the Biblical and peaceful faith, hope, and freedom. It also prepares him to accept life willingly and optimistically in order to be ready to fulfill these goals. The top of these goals are: the student’s self- acquirements, self- dependence, and development of his creativity in a responsible, free, and democratic frame granting success on the bases of the Lebanese and the Arabic education, reaching the French and English languages, in addition to making sure of the importance of the artistic and physical education, and being up to date in both the educational and technological fields. This is the way the school prepares its students to be ready to launch forward to life, and be able to face challenges and overcome all difficulties.
The school was established in Blat on a hill overlooking the historical city of Jbeil, and consequently the students moved to it from the Elementary School at “The Bishop’s House” whose first Principal was Sister Victorine Succar who was assisted by Sisters Pelagy Massaad, Alphonseen Handal, Irma Tohmeh, Bernadette Dermisrop, Linda Mouawad, Fourtineh Kandah, Marie Antoine Andary.
From 1973 until 1980 the school was made mixed and Sister Pelagy Massaad, the principal, was assisted by Sisters Bernadette Dermisrop, Celstine Zakaria, Alphonseen Handal, Avdokia Khoury, Azily Andary, Irma Tohmé, Pauline Salameh, and Sacre- Cœur Zgheib.
From 1980 until 1986 Georgette Bteish, the principal, was assistedby Sisters Brigitte Zgheib, Azily Andary, Alida Younes, Blanche Reaidy, Sylvester Alam, Pauline Salameh, Sacre- Cœur Zgheib, Loudevig Bou Tanios.
 From 1986 until 1993 Sister Céleste Bou Mansour, the principal, was assisted by Sisters: Yvette Abi Akl, Angelle Salameh, Alida Younes, Azily Andary, Florence Alam, Sacre- Cœur Zgheib, Loudovig Bou Tanios.
 From 1993 until 1996 Sister Aline Barakat, the principal was assisted by Mother Esthere Barakat, and Sisters Yvette Abi Akl, Florence Alam, Marie Du Calver Abboud, Ludgar Rahmeh, and Romana Bou Tanios.
From 1997 until 2000 Mother Esther Barakat, the principal, was assisted by Sisters: Aline Barakat, Yvette Abi Akl, Ludgar Rahmeh, Marie Du Calver Abboud and Florence Alam.
 From 2000 until 2005 Mother Esther Barakat went on her responsibilities as a principal and was assisted by Sisters: Aline Barakat, Yvette Abi Akl, Fylix Akiki, Sacre- Cœur Zgheib, Seraphime Salameh, Estell Barakat, Magalie Merheb.
  • The school was built upon a modern architecture which gives a kind of privacy in its administrations, playgrounds, and libraries.
  • A new block, a theatre, and rich library were built for the Secondary classes. The number of  its students reach 2000.
  • Some of its students have been on the honor lists in the official exams in Lebanon.
  • Its fast growth and high reputation made it overcrowded.
  • It has organized different spiritual, artistic, and educational activities, and made the city of Jbeil regain its Phonecien culture from which the Alphabet started.

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إن جودة أمي مريم لا حدّ لها وما يوجد ألسنة تشرحها ولا كتب تسع تفسيرها ولاصورة تشبه جمالها.

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