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Healthy food party

In the spirit of encouraging our students to eat healthy food in order to live a healthy  life, Mrs. Rita Abi Tayeh, the grade 3 English teacher decided to organize a party for her 3 classes.
Based on what they have learned in class, the students prepared healthy food and brought it to school on March4, 2014 to share it with their classmates and teachers.


Quote Of The Day

ولو فنيت جميع أيّامي بالشرح والشكر عن كرم وجودة مريم أمي فما تكفيني لذلك إلا الأبديّة السّعيدة التي أترجّاها من مراحمه تعالى. الأم ماري ألفونسين

Did you know?

يجب أن نسعى الى القداسة وأن نجذب اليها كل إخوتنا في المسيح.

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